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Beginning 1 September 2016, each student in the MSc BA programme will be able to choose four electives. Students must take at least three elective courses from their own specialization tracks 1) Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Strategy, 2) Strategic Marketing & Business Information, 3) Human Resource Management, 4) Purchasing & Supply Management or 5) Financial Management.

Students may choose to strengthen their specializations by selecting one of the electives in Change Management as their fourth and final elective. Students who choose not to take an elective in Change Management are free to select the fourth elective from the electives available for the semester in which the student is active.


The Change-Management elective for 2016-2017 is Change Management and Consultancy.


Change Management is a relatively new interdisciplinary area concerned with effective approaches, interventions and techniques that managers and their associates can use to achieve effective and productive change in individuals and groups within organizations. Given that the pace and scope of organizational change is faster and larger than ever before, skills in change management are necessary for any student of Business Administration. If you are interested in learning more about managing change successfully (as a manager, project leader and/or consultant), this profile is for you.


The Change-Management electives focus on principles, practices and tools for meaningful social-organizational change. We cover various processes of coaching, consulting, projects and leadership. We also study dynamics of change within teams/departments, as well as the conditions for successful change within these units. Moreover, you will learn about business re-engineering, culture change, restructuring, re-organization, IT-based process change, change participation, resistance to change, strategy change and M&A, as well as the increasingly popular productive self-managed groups, which aim to be lean and effectively oriented towards self-improvement and the customer.


This profile draws upon a wide variety of didactic modes, including: 1) academic and practice-oriented lectures (including guest lectures); 2) case-analyses (both in the classroom and in actual practice); 3) writing papers that integrate both the academic and practical aspects of change management; 4) ask-the-consultant sessions in which internal and external consultants offer reflections and tips based on their own past consulting projects; 5) study trips and other activities

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