Job opportunities for graduated Master students in Operations Research can be regarded as excellent as based upon their qualifactions as being practical, numerical and critically oriented and skilled in mathematical modeling and techniques for practical logistics.


The practical knowledge of typical OR questions and the skills in OR-techniques in combination with the analytic, quantitative and critical attitude of Operations Research graduates is highly appreciated and requested in industrial, servicing and business (far beyond MBA-students) environments. Accordingly:

  • There are virtually no unemployed OR graduates
  • Job perspectives are excellent, as in:
  • Consultancy (logistical, technical, simulation, financial, supply management)
  • Industry (manufacturing , distribution, supply chains)
  • Transportation (railways , public transport)
  • Servicing (call centers, recreational parks)
  • Logistical companies (eg supermarket chains)
  • Financial Services (Banks, Insurance companies)
  • Public transportation: Railways-Airlines- Airports
  • ┬áHealth services (hospitals, consultancy)
  • ┬áLogistical and simulation consultancy

In addition, depending on the interest and qualifications a research position might be obtainable at a public research institution or at a university (for a PhD)

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