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Pre-master's programme

(Pre-)master's open day

The University of Twente organizes the Master's Open Day twice every year, which provides prospective students with information about both the regular master's programme and the pre-master's programme. A Master's Open Day consists of two educational programme rounds, an information fair and a Q&A session for university of applied sciences (HBO) students.

You will be able to visit one or two master's programmes during the educational programme rounds. You will receive specific information on the master's programme, eligible bachelor's programmes and the content of the pre-master's programme. At the information fair you can get answers to all your (in-depth) questions, as well as questions regarding the different master's programmes.

University of applied sciences (HBO) session

The special HBO session during the Master's Open Day will focus on all of the common general aspects with respect to transferring from HBO to university, such as the different transfer routes, admission requirements, application procedure, application deadlines and the costs of a pre-master's programme. There is also ample opportunity to ask questions.


The Master's Open Day will take place in March and November. The next open day will take place on 16 March. If you would like to know more about our Master's Open Day, or if you would like to register, visit the special overview page containing all information regarding our Master's Open Days.

Individual orientation day

The University of Twente organizes individual orientation days for students interested in a master's programme, during which you will follow a (pre-)master's programme student for a day. It is an unique way to experience what it is like to follow a master's programme at the University of Twente, because you will attend the courses that are taught on that day. You can also ask the students any questions you might have.

If you already know which master's programme you prefer, we recommend attending an individual orientation day in addition to a Master's Open Day.


You can attend an individual orientation day on any weekday from October through June. Interested? Apply for an individual orientation day.

Saxion transfer nights

Twice a year, in September and February, the University of Twente and Saxion organize special information sessions 'With minor to master's programme' on transferring during your university of applied science (HBO) programme. These meetings provide information on how you can use the minor to complete (part of) the pre-master's programme as a Saxion student. This will allow you to immediately transfer to the master's programme of your choice after completing your HBO programme in most cases.


For the 2017/2018 academic year, the meetings will take place on:

  • Tuesday, 12 September, 2017
  • February 2018
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