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City of Enschede

The city of Enschede

With over 158,000 inhabitants, Enschede is the largest city in the east of the Netherlands. Around 26,000 students, are enrolled either at Saxion Hogeschool Enschede (Saxion University of Professional Education, Enschede), the Academy of Music, the Academy of Art, or the University of Twente. Enschede has a bit of everything. Around the Van Heekplein you can find a large number of boutiques, clothing stores and other shops. On the Oude Markt square you will find lots of places to have a coffee or go out for dinner. Enschede is a relatively quiet, safe and pleasant city to live and work in. Modern shopping facilities attract people from both the Dutch and German local region.

A vibrant student city

With 26.000 students and a wide range of clubs and bars, Enschede has earned the right to call itself a vibrant student city. It is very popular among students because, despite of its many possibilities and facilities, it still feels compact and personal. Next to that it is much easier to find an affordable living space compared to other student cities. Thanks to the many international organisations (and being near to the German border)  there are many international students to be found in Enschede. This results in an international ambiance in many of the organisations and the city. Another characteristic of student life in Enschede is the presence of many associations in the area. These include study, sports and cultural associations as well as associations for social matters. More information about student life in Enschede can be found on

For those football fans out there, Enschede is also home to the football club and former champions of the Netherlands, FC Twente!

Business opportunities

Enschede offers a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish themselves in the city. If you have any questions you can refer to the business counter of the municipality of Enschede. for support, information and advice the moment you have plans, problems or questions regarding starting up a business. The University of Twente (most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands) as well as the Novel-T park both encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and are breeding grounds for new business ventures. 

More information

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