Faculty of Engineering Technology

These are the Exchange packages created by our Faculty of Engineering Technology (ET).

- Advanced Product Development (Fall Semester)

This module focusses on how to formalise the development of products and manage product development lines. Creativity can be steered and the best options can be successfully developed using a structured approach. Furthermore, we literally touch the surface of products in a course on the effects of materials on the experience users have with their products. These are essential things to know for a successful product developer. After developing products, what is needed with regards to successfully getting a product to market? From the design all the way to the packaging; this module gives a broad overview of the whole trajectory and is perfect for students looking at a career on the organisational side of product development.


- Fluids & Heat Engineering (Spring Semester)

The exchange package on Fluids & Heat Engineering can be divided in two modules being the 2nd year Mechanical Engineering bachelor module “Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer” (15 EC) and a research assignment related to fluids engineering (15 EC). The module is based on project led education in which the learned theory is immediately applied in a project. The research assignment can be done individually or together with one or two other students in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) or experimental fluid dynamics or aero-acoustics. The assignment is finished with a scientific paper and a presentation.


- Marketing Design of (Consumer) Products (Spring Semester)

This module focuses on the Marketing and Design of consumer products. Among other topics, you will discuss how people experience your products, when you infringe upon the rights of others, what normally is expected from a quality point of view, how you create a digital mock-up, what clients will think when they see a design, and what messages you are sending out with specific designs. These focus areas encompass essential skills when designing and styling consumer products.


- Maintenance Engineering & Asset Management (Spring Semester)

Effective and efficient use of resources is an important theme in the current, global economy. Asset owners strive to maximize the availability of their systems, resulting in a high (financial) output by a minimization of cost, while not compromising the reliability and minimizing of waste of materials and energy. This requires a completely different approach of the asset life cycle, essentially changing from a linear approach to a circular approach including an increased responsibility of the OEM in the operational phase of the life cycle. Successful integration of this approach relies on integration of many disciplines and communication across borders. This program attempts to provide the student with the necessary knowledge to understand the main aspects of some of these fields


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