What are the exchange possibilities?

You can choose from courses or a placement programme, more information is available on our website.

What is the difference between exchange courses and placement?

Exchange students can choose two kind of exchange programmes, one being courses and the other placement. Students who choose courses follow courses at one of our faculties. Placement is when a student wants to do an internship, research or work on their thesis. You can also choose a combination of these programmes, more information is available on our website.

How do I apply for an exchange programme?

It depends on which programme you want to do at the University of Twente, more information is available on our website.

Which exchange programmes does the University of Twente offer?

There are different exchange programmes, more information is available on our website.

Do I meet the English language requirements?

On our website you can see what the English language requirements are. Also, you can see which scores are sufficient.

Am I applying well before the application deadlines?

There are two deadlines, one for the February and one for the September intake. Also, there are deadlines for students who wants to do placement outside the intakes, more information is available on our website.

Which documents should I upload when applying for an exchange programme?

Please visit this link for more information about the seven steps you need to take to apply for an exchange programme.

Is it possible to upload a document after the deadline?

No. it is not possible to upload documents after the deadline, more information on the deadlines is available on our website.

Do I need to prove my English proficiency?

On our website, you can see if you are exempt from providing us proof of English proficiency.

What is the tuition fee for an exchange programme?

We do not charge for an exchange programme. It is based on contracts between the UT and other universities.


I have completed my application, when will I hear from you?

After you have completed your application you will receive an email with confirmation.

My application is incomplete. What do I need to do?

If your application is incomplete you will receive an email. In this email, we will indicate what is incomplete. If you have provided us with the necessary information then you can continue with your application.

I need an acceptance letter, where can I apply for it?

Once your application is approved by the faculty you can download your acceptance letter from Mobility-Online (UT student exchange system).

I want more information about the courses?

If you want specific information about the courses, please contact the departmental exchange coordinator of the faculty where you want to follow the courses.

How is a semester divided?

There are two semesters. The first semester starts in September and the second semester in February. One semester is divided into two blocks, namely block A and block B. 

What is a course unit code?

Each course has a certain number and that number is called a course unit code. You can find this in the information on each course. 

What is the difference between a UT learning agreement and the Erasmus learning agreement?

The last step in your application process is signing the UT learning agreement. This is done by yourself and your home university. This to confirm that both the universities are agreeing to your exchange programme. The Erasmus learning agreement which you will receive from your home university is necessary for receiving recognition for the activities that you will or have successfully completed. 

Do I have to choose 30 ECTS for one semester?

We advise you to choose courses worth up to a maximum of 30 ECTS for one semester. Which means 15 ECTS per block, more information is available on our website.

I have received my learning agreement, but I want to change my courses. What can I do?

Please go to your workflow in Mobility-Online (UT student exchange system) and make the appropriate changes in your course list. Then indicate that you want to make some changes in your learning agreement in the step 'during mobility'. For any questions regarding this, please contact your departmental exchange coordinator.


When do I know I am enrolled?

Once you have completed your application, you will be enrolled. You will get a confirmation e-mail from the registration department.

Is there an introduction day before the start of the semester?

Yes, UT organises introduction days for the students before the start of the semester. It is important to be part of these days since you will get all the necessary information regarding studying at the UT. For this, you need to sign up. You can only sign up once you are enrolled and you have received your login credentials for the ICT facilities. 

More information regarding the introduction day is available on the website of the organisation.

How do I get my login credentials for the ICT facilities?

Once you are enrolled within 24 or 48 hours you will receive an email with the login credentials for the ICT facilities. Also, you will get your UT email address.

When and how can I register for courses?

Once you have received your login credentials for the ICT facilities, you can log in in the 'Osiris student' portal to register for courses. For more information on how to register, please see the manual

When do the lectures start?

To know when the semester or lectures start, please consult the academic calendar.

How can I access my lecture schedule?

Once you have registered for the courses your schedule will (usually)be automatically added to your timetable. You can access your timetable via this link.

More information regarding the timetable, please visit the website.

When do I get my student card?

Once you have your login credentials for the ICT facilities, please login in 'Osiris student' and upload your photo. Once that is done, you will receive an email about where you can pick up your student card. 

For more information on which steps you need to take to upload your photo, please visit the website.