Please note: you have to register in the minor system and in Osiris (for the module) before the beginning of the quartile

The organisation of Major-minor at the University of Twente is based on the model of trias politica.

Policy related tasks concerning minors – if their effects are not so far-reaching that the executive board should be involved – are handled by the "Universitaire Commissie Onderwijs" (UCO); therefore the legislative power rests with the UCO

The controlling body, vested with judicial power, is the "Validatie - en Accreditatiecommissie Major-minor (VAC).

The actual execution of activities – i.e. the executive power – is in the hands of all parties contributing to the minors: the minor coordinators, study advisers, timetable makers, etc. under supervision of the central coordinator minor organisation.

A schematic overview of the organisation of the minors, including the most important players and their respective tasks, functions, and responsibilities can be found here (only available in Dutch).


De coordination of the UT minor organisation is directed by Liesbeth Christochowitz. She is also executive secretary of the Validation- / Accreditation Committee Major-minor.

Universitaire commissie onderwijs (UCO)

Since the dissolution of the Steering Committee Major-minor, the University Committee Education (UCO, formerly known as Centrale Commissie Onderwijs) is the body in charge of policy related issues.