JOIN-IN minors second semester

The tool of options shows all the minors you are allowed to take


Within the elective space students have the possibility to take a minor from a different programme. The join-in minors in the second semester offer a selection of modules (M3 and M4 and/or M7 and M8) from UT bachelor programmes. A join-in minor allows students of programme A to follow a minor at programme B. Not all minors are accessible to all students. Consult the matrix of options second semester to see which join-in minor you can follow. If it turns out that you cannot follow a minor that you really want to do, contact your own programme coordinator to discuss the possibilities. If you want to choose a join-in minor which includes a part of mathematics that you already completed be aware you will be offered a replacement. Please contact your own programme coordinator about a replacement. The total offer of join-in minors in the last two quartiles 2017-2018 is listed below (per faculty).


It is possible to find more information about the content of a join-in minor. A join-in minor is an existing TOM-module from an UT bachelor programme. Each TOM-module had a description in OSIRIS which you can find in the OSIRIS course offerings. In the matrix of options second semester, you can find the OSIRIS-code of the TOM-module you might want to take as a join-in minor. Use that code or the course name to find more information in OSIRIS. You can also find this code in the overview at the bottom of this pace, it is placed behind the name of the module. Keep in mind that the descriptions in OSIRIS for 2017-2018 may not be complete yet and that you might have to search in 2016-2017. Keep in mind that these descriptions might be adjusted for 2017-2018.

Please note: If you want to follow a join-in minor you have to:

  1. Enroll for the join-in minor during the registration tine of the minor by using the minor code.
  2. Just before the start of the quartile enroll for the associated TOM-module by using the module code.

By enrolling for the minor you make sure you can take the TOM-module as minor. By enrolling for the TOM-module in OSIRIS just before the start of the quartile you get access to Blackboard.


Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS)

  • BMS-JM-UEX-17 - User experience (201600096)
  • BMS-JM-PTE-17 - Persuasive technology (201600097)
  • BMS-JM-COR-17 - Changing organizations (201700004)
  • BMS-JM-EIC-16 - Europe in crisis? (201700107)
  • BMS-JM-EUW-16 - Europe and the world (201700108)
  • BMS-JM-PMP-16 - Policy-making and planning (201700109)
  • BMS-JM-SLG-16 - Street-level governance (201700
  • BMS-JM-SUMA-15 - Supply management (201400109)
  • BMS-DMNB-15 - Digital marketing for network business (201400068)
  • BMS-JM-FESIF-15 - Financing entrepreneurial startups and innovative firms (201500016)
  • BMS-JM-BIIT-15 - Business intelligence & IT (201300107)
  • BMS-JM-MSP-16 - Modelling and analysis of stochastic processes for IEM (201400062)

Engineering Technology (ET)

  • CTW-JM-VEV-15 - Traffic and transport (201700152)
  • CTW-JM-OVB-15 - Design of constructions (201700153)
  • CTW-JM-GEON-15 - Urban development/Spatial planning [Dutch] (201700283)
  • CTW-JM-MASP-15 - Modelling and analysis of stochastic processes CE (201400147)
  • CTW-JM-VEW-16 - Fluid mechanics & Heat transfer [Dutch] (201700127)

Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences (EEMS)

  • EWI-JM-PDOB-15 - From product design to online business [Dutch] (201400467)
  • EWI-JM-BIPM-15 - Business Innovation through IT project management (201500310)
  • EWI-JM-AIT-17 - Art, impact, technology (201600232)
  • EWI-JM-DFSS-17 - Data: from the source to the senses (201600234)
  • EWI-JM-ELEC-15 - Electronics (201700287)
  • EWI-JM-NWST-15 - Network systems (201600197)
  • EWI-JM-PRP-16 - Programming paradigms (201400537)
  • EWI-JM-SEO-15 - Signals and uncertainty (201300182)
  • EWI-JM-VEE-15 - Fields and electromagnetism (201400535)
  • EWI-JM-DSEA-15 - Discrete structures and efficient algorithms [Dutch] (201700304)

Science and Technology (ST)

  • TNW-JM-FOM-15 - Fundamentals of materials (201700092)
  • TNW-JM-MIW-15 - Biomedical measurement [Dutch] (201100215)
  • TNW-JM-ADBO-15 - Bone adaptation [Dutch] (201100227)
  • TNW-JM-ITMM-15 - Imaging technologies [Dutch] (201400477)
  • TNW-JM-BIB-15 - Brain physiology and mechanical science [Dutch] (201200230)
  • TNW-JM-OIZ-17 - Designing in healthcare [Dutch] (201700299)
  • TNW-JM-TEM-17 - Technology and society [Dutch] (201700301)
  • TNW-JM-PRON-15 - Process design [Dutch] (201400164)
  • TNW-JM-MST-16 - Materials science & technology [Dutch] (201600135)