Offer - Tool of options

Second semester

The tool of options shows all the minors you are allowed to take

The UT offers minors during the second semester, for students who couldn't during the first semester. Be aware that the amount of minors that are being offered, is a lot smaller than during the first semester. 

Down below you can find a link to an overview of the minors of the second semester (course year 2017-2018). During course year 2018-2019 the offer will most likely be more or less the same, but will be published later this year (around autumn). In the minor tool of options is shown which minors you are allowed to take. 

Students who are taking a minor of the second semester of course year 2017-2018 do still need to register for the module of the minor.

For an overview of the second semester minors of 2017-2018
Click here