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On this page you will find more background information on the University College Twente - the student population, their satisfaction about the educational programme, as well as its comparison with national average results.

Internationally diverse student population

University College Twente (formally known as Academy of Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences) was founded in 2012. Over the course of three years, University College Twente has built a diverse community with students coming from many different backgrounds: 65% are from the Netherlands, 23% from other EU/EEA countries and 12% from outside EU/EEA.

The countries that our current students represent are: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Norway, Italy, Ireland, UK, USA, Thailand and China.

Student satisfaction

According to the Dutch National Annual Student Satisfaction Survey 2015 (in Dutch: Nationale Studenten Enquête 2015), student satisfaction about the ATLAS educational programme has increased tremendously, compared to 2014. This shows that the various start-up problems students highlighted in last year’s survey (e.g. availability of study facilities, internal communication about the curriculum and clear evaluation criteria) have been resolved, or at least that there has been significant improvement in these areas. We are extremely proud that our students highly valued the unique qualities of our educational programme, such as the teaching staff and the emphasis on group work. On average, students gave the ATLAS programme a high score of 4.46 score on a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied).

Comparison with national average results

The following information is offered by the Dutch government and is designed specifically for Dutch students. The numbers and percentages do not reflect the experiences of our international population at University College Twente.

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