Study programmes at the University of Twente all have a study association. Our study association is Atlantis. Atlantis was founded in 2013, it is therefore a very young association. Atlantis is there to serve as both an academic and social environment for its members.

The association is responsible for providing students with necessities like textbooks and accelerating feedback between students and the programme, but also organises many extra activities ranging from company visits, study trips, and educational debates, to bowling evenings, sports and cultural competitions, and celebrations of seasonal events and holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter.

This is all facilitated by the board of Atlantis, a group of five or so students every year who take up a position on the Atlantis board alongside their second-year studies. Committees are fundamental to Atlantis, consisting of active members, who enjoy supporting and being a part of the community. All ATLAS students thus far have been Atlantis members, and Atlantis is considered more of a familial community by those who have experienced it, a fun place to support each others’ learning and come together to relax.

Picture of Atlantis board VIII

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