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Your honours degree gives you a competitive advantage. After the programme you’ll be an academic all-rounder who has a solid foundation in technology and social sciences. You will be fully equipped to join a master's programme or enter the labour market.

Master's programmes

An honours level bachelor’s degree in Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences (ATLAS) provides you with a broad education with some specialization in the subject or field of your interest. Depending on the choices you make along the way, you will be eligible for master’s programmes in engineering (technology) and in the social sciences.

Your tutors and assessors will provide you with intensive guidance in making choices and help you determine what courses or subjects you will need to focus on in order to gain access to the master’s programme of your choice. This way we can ensure that every ATLAS student makes the best possible transition.

Here is an overview of the master programmes ATLAS graduates are attending 


University College Twente graduates may enter all master’s programmes at the University of Twente, from Applied Physics, Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science, to Nanotechnology, Business Administration and Psychology. The only exception is Technical Medicine. You can also choose a Master from the (Dutch) UT Teaching programme: Education and Communication in the Science. After completion you will not only have a master's degree, but also a first-degree teaching qualification with which you can teach in the entire secondary education system in the Netherlands and of course gain unique experiences in education! For some of these Master you would need to do a pre-master.


Your ATLAS degree will be recognized nationally and internationally, giving you access to countless master’s programmes in the Netherlands and abroad. The programme is accredited by the NVAO (Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders), meaning our programme meets all the Dutch/Flemish quality requirements for degree programmes in higher education. The NVAO accreditation is comparable to those of other prestigious international accreditation organizations.

Future career

With this Honours Bachelor’s degree, the possibilities for your future career are virtually endless. Obviously, we cannot teach you everything there is to know, but we will teach you how to get things done and train you as a self-regulated learner. You will be fully capable of combining information from engineering, the physical sciences and the social sciences, making you uniquely able to get to the root of a problem, predict the implications of new technology and forge innovative links between technology, policy and society. Leaders of industry agree that these are the demands that companies place on their employees: being able to come up with original solutions that take into account the complexity of modern-day life.  

University College Twente Alumni Association

Founded in 2019, the University College Twente Alumni Association (UCTAA) encourages and enables collaboration and contact among alumni of UCT. The association also aims to connect alumni with current UCT students, teachers, and staff by maintaining close ties with UCT and its study association, Atlantis. 

UCTAA organizes regular events and activities, both online and offline. This includes fun, social events such as the annual New Year’s Drink and participating in the Batavierenrace, as well as more educational ones. In cooperation with Atlantis, UCTAA organizes regular Alumni Talks, where alumni give talks on a variety of subjects to students, teachers, staff and other alumni of UCT. A monthly newsletter keeps alumni updated, and social media presences on Instagram and LinkedIn are used to share UCTAA updates with the wider community, including many current students.

The UCT Alumni Association was founded by a group of seven alumni, and continues to be fully run by alumni. It is managed by a volunteer board, whose members are elected annually by the members of the association, and supported by several committees. All UCT students are invited to join the association upon their graduation.

Learn more about the UCT Alumni Association
Visit the UCTAA website

Alumni Network 

Information about the general Alumni Network of our university can be found here. Enjoy some ATLAS alumni stories below!

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