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life at atlas

At University College Twente students live and work together. The ATLAS schedule is both flexible and intensive. Learning is not confined to the classroom. Working, doing sports and relaxing together with other students is interlaced with your interaction with lecturers. This makes University College Twente an engaging and motivating learning environment. A true learning community.

What we love about the UCT?

  • ATLAS is a blank canvas
  • UCT is more about a community than just a programme
  • Learning together as well as from each other

What is the University College Twente about?

  • Choosing not to choose
  • Co-creator of your education 
  • Make your own Learning

What to expect from the ATLAS Programme?

  • Students learn to shape their own programme
  • Personal Development
  • More involved learning

What will you get out of the ATLAS Programme?

  • Finding your passion and niche
  • Broad overview & think through complex systems
  • Know what you want to achieve and where you want to go

What do you get from a Global Perspective?

  •  Leaving your comfort zone 
  •  Unique approach to problem solving
  •   Not being limited & Being Open

What do you need to do the Programme?

  • Love for Learning
  • Being able to take charge of your education
  • Be curious and be critical

Life at UCT
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