The Dutch culture is quite different from other cultures. The people are more straightforward and honest. As an international, this can be a difference with what you know from home. Studying at the University College Twente means that you come in contact with Dutch students and the Dutch culture. Luckily the Dutch are open and cosy people. Read more about Dutch food, Dutch weather or check out some University photo's.

Distances from Enschede to Paris, London, and Berlin

Experience as an international student

Here you can read the experience of Fabian, who comes from Indonesia and is part of the class of 2019.

"When the term "Dutch Culture" is brought up, three things come to mind. Bland food, fun parties, and weird traditions. After living here for one year, I think I've received more than just a gist of Dutch 'uniqueness'. Whether it's the lack of salt in their mashed potatoes for which they call a national dish, or the yearly unethically fun routine to throw pepernoten at anyone anywhere. It's unusual at first, but it's inevitably exciting. There is no doubt that internationals like me will get a culture shock. However culture shocks go away after going down deeper in the rabbit hole, as Dutch people for sure know how to have a great time."

Read more about the international experience in the article 'The Dutch Experience', written by ATLAS students.

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