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Doing it my way

2nd year ATLAS student from the Netherlands

"This programme is providing me with an opportunity to change things myself, even at a global level"  

My decision

I found it very difficult to decide what to study: I’m good at a lot of subjects and I was worried that choosing a specialized programme would mean neglecting other talents. At University College Twente I get to draw on my full potential by studying a broad range of topics. The combination of technical problems and social challenges is really important in my view.  


Like other students here, I am very ambitious: I want to push myself to the limit. This programme provides me with an opportunity to change things myself, even at a global level. It is just the kind of challenge and level of responsibility I need.


As my personal pursuitI founded the ATLAS student association - ATLANTIS. It was hard work, but if you want to get somewhere, you have to be prepared to go the extra mile. My dream is to set up my own company, during or after my studies, and to develop and market an advanced product. At ATLAS I’m learning how to do it all. Not just from staff members, but also from my fellow students.  


I moved from Rotterdam to Enschede, but I’ve never felt lonely. Living and studying together means we have a lot of lively and stimulating discussions. My fellow students and I formed quite a close-knit group from the very beginning.

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