UCT Webinar Days Learn all about student life, application and the programme

On Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th, the UCT Webinar Days take place. During those days, two webinars will inform you about student life, the application process and our ATLAS programme. Additionally, you can ask us all your questions via the chat.

24th of February (17:00-18:00): Application and the ATLAS programme

During this webinar, 2 of our staff members and a student will tell you everything you need to know about the application process and our programme in Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences. From admission requirements to the setup of the programme and the courses, all you need to know will be shared with you. Join this session to find out if our ATLAS programme fits with your needs and wishes, and what you need to do to become one of our students.


Martin Streng
Mathematics Teacher
Jarmo Schoemaker
Xenia Mainelli
Education & Research Assistant, Alumna

25th of February (17:00-18:00): Student life

During this webinar, our students will tell you about what it is like to study at UCT, and what it is like to be a part of our UCT community. With many international students, a close-bound community, living with your fellow students, a university campus filled with student, culture and sports associations and our study association Atlantis, there is enough to talk about! Join this session to learn from the experiences of our current students, and find out if the UCT student life fits you!


V. Vassou MSc (Vasileia)
Recruitment Officer
Robin Ross
Student, board of S.A. Atlantis
Grace Wachter

Registration for both webinars is possible by clicking on the button below. You can select for which webinar you want to sign up there. Want to sign up for both webinars? Simply do the same again for the second day. You will receive a confirmation email including the link to access the webinar.

UCT Webinar Days Learn all about student life, application and the programme
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