The time of the year for our annual ATLAS Expo has come! EXPO gives you the opportunity to Explore, Experience, and be Inspired by the unique educational programme of the University College Twente (ATLAS). The Expo is an annual event co-organized by ATLAS and its study association Atlantis. This year we are organising the EXPO online and the theme is “ATLAS all over the world”. 


Date: Friday, 3 July 2020
Time: Various activities, 13:00 – 16:00 (come for a part, or join the entire programme!)
Location: Online, see the links per session below!


  • Opening [13:00 – 13:15]

    Join us for the opening of the EXPO, where Jarmo, a first-year ATLAS student and organiser of this event, will welcome you all and explain the programme.

    Time: 13:00 – 13:15 

  • Explore [13:15 – 13:50]

    A showcase of ATLAS student results of the past year, including project work, personal pursuits, graduation assignments and more. At the 3rd of July, you can chat with the respective students during the Explore session by clicking on the link in the descriptions.

    Time: 13:15 – 13:50

    Personal pursuits

    • Four-leaved clover

      I have this competition with my family where we try to find as many multi-leaved clover as possible. made a computer program that recognizes pictures of four-leaved clover and tracks the score automatically.

      Class of 2020
    • Development of an interactive website for Manta Global with a user-centered and agile approach

      I have designed and developed a website for manta global.

      I have learned about concepts such as agile management, interactive designs, web development, and browser-responsiveness. I have launched the final product and you can visit it by going to

      If you are wondering what agile management is, why you should use user-centered design, or what browser-responsiveness does. I would like to invite you to visit my stand. See you there!

      Class of 2022
    • Red, Blue, and Recycled Chair

      For my Personal Pursuit, I have been investigating Rietveld's Red and Blue Chair and I tried to innovate the Chair's iconic design. Furthermore, I explored the history of De Stijl and its artists.

      Class of 2022
    • How paramedics cope with traumatic situations they encounter at their job

      In my research I explored what kind of coping mechanisms are used by paramedics in order for them to cope with traumatic situations at their job. I did this by conducting interviews with paramedics, together with using insights from an extensive literature review.

      Class of 2021
    • S.A. Atlantis Lustrum Aftermovie Making

      For my personal pursuit, I wanted to learn how to use video editing software and how to use different editing techniques to give videos a certain emotion. To show that I reached my learning goals, I filmed and produced the Lustrum Gala aftermovie and the aftermovie of the entire Lustrum year. These two final products can be seen in my digital stand and questions can be asked.

      Class of 2020
    • Learning basic Dutch and comparing Dutch and UK children's books

      I began this project by learning Dutch through classes offered by the university and then began reading Dutch and English children's books to see if I noticed any differences resulting from the different cultures. I did not have specific expectations on what difference there would be, and considered the possibility that there simply weren't significant differences, despite some notable contrasts between the Netherlands and UK.


      Class of 2021
    • Rocket data logger

      A rocket data logger is like a black box which collects data throughout the flight. My data logger collects temperature, pressure, altitude and acceleration in X, Y and Z direction.

      Click here to watch a video about the rocket data logger

      Class of 2022
    • Dubstep: That type of music that sound like screaming robots with strong beat

      For my Personal Pursuit, I have devoted time into making dubstep. This personal pursuit has come to existence from my passion for making music and listening to dubstep. The description above is what most people perceive dubstep to be, but to get a good feeling for the genre click here to get a feeling for modern dubstep.

      I have given my own twist on the genre, putting in personal elements, mixing it with different genres and trying to tell a story. The video below shows my development over the year, starting with one song from my previous personal pursuit all the way to the EP I am currently working on and will be releasing as soon as it is finished on Spotify. If you like what you hear, feel free to follow me on Instagram to be updated on the release of my first EP: @juang_ho.

      Class of 2021
    • Tiny House: Tones of Solutions for the Future?

      Throughout the course of this PP, I was able to research tiny houses as a whole and the extent to which it allows its inhabitants to live more sustainably, and in a way adopt and adapt different lifestyles. The trend has expanded over the years and is now seen as a short-term solution to various societal issues and concerns, for instance, homelessness and other types of housing problems. Based on the research gathered and my own interest I identified a societal issue and attempted to design a tiny house to solve the following: A tiny house to overcome the present lack of student housing in many cities around Europe and its consequently rising rent.

      Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the online EXPO 2020 but a video describing my project and some of the design and research choices I made will be added to this website later.

      Class of 2022
    • Realising environmentally sustainable behaviour: theory and practice

      Personal Pursuit, I have been focusing on environmental sustainability from a behavioural change perspective: theory and practice. This year I have created a behavioural change program and made a performative and participatory documentary, which you will view here today.

      Based on literature research, I have created a 4-week behavioural change program which can be applied to any age group. In this case, however, the program was laid out by myself and students joined. During the same time, I have worked on making a documentary about the same topic with the title "Realising environmentally sustainable behaviour: theory and practice".


      Class of 2021

    Semester abroad

    • ¡No mames wey! A brief visual report on how I fell in love with Mexico

      I did my 5th semester of ATLAS at Tec de Monterrey in Querétaro, Mexico. During my adventures throughout the country I saw a lot of pretty and interesting things. Because I think a) pretty and interesting things are always worth sharing, b) people generally don’t know much about Mexico, and c) now is the time for fernweh and escapism, I decided to share some pictures and stories.

      Click here to see the pictures and to read the stories

      Class of 2020
    • Climate Justice, what is it? Learning from Australia

      Studying urban resilience and sustainability at the University of Melbourne, I learned that dealing with the climate crisis isn’t a matter of technological fix and protecting our happy, comfortable climate. It requires fundamental changes in the way our societies are organized. These realisations drew me deeper into Australian culture, which colonial history and present vividly illustrate how issues of inequality, social justice and colonialism are inextricably linked with the climate crisis – both in impact and its root cause. I'd love to use my academic learnings and experiences with climate justice activism to open the discussion on these topics, so please come by at the Expo!

      Class of 2020

    Capstone projects

    • Analysis of a two-layer neural field model with delays and diffusion

      Analysing a mathematical model of two layers of neurons to research the occurrence of synchronized oscillations in the basal ganglia, which underlies the motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

      Class of 2020
    • Shifts in Framing Prevalence of US News Articles on COVID-19 over Time

      The world is amidst a pandemic due to nCoV-2019, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The news media are releasing articles regarding COVID-19 every day, and play a role in people’s perception of the pandemic. This project concerns the automatic identification of framing in US news articles about COVID-19 (framing=when a certain aspect of an issue is more salient in a text than other aspects of that issue). It will mostly consider the natural language processing techniques and machine learning models used to accomplish this automatic identification. The change in framing over time was also compared to policies enacted by the US federal government.

      Class of 2020
    • Use of Hyperspectral Imaging to Monitor Changes in Patients’ Health

      The Thesis is about designing a system and measuring haemoglobin levels in skin tissue to capture the changes that occur during different provocations. The aim is to create a foundation for further research to construct an alternative measuring technique to determine and follow an individual’s response to illness.

      Class of 2020

    Course and Semester projects

    • The Wonderbridge

      With our “wonder bridge” we aim to create a walking bridge that will stimulate young children with a handicap to work on their motoric thanks to its adapted design and the educational dimension that reshapes the concept of revalidation. As a consequence, we also expect to contribute to the enhancement of their physicalness, popularity, competency and autonomy and facilitate spatial proximity interaction.

      Project group
      Class of 2022
    • Learning to lead through an application

      In the fourth semester of ATLAS you have the opportunity to lead a project team that addresses a wicked problem. To ensure that this is done well and that you can learn from it, you get an extra course. For this course we designed an application that can be used to inspire new leaders and to help current leaders learn about themselves and others.

      Class of 2021

    Study Association

    • Study Association Atlantis

      S.A. Atlantis (Atlantis) is the Study Association of ATLAS. Atlantis plays a very large role in creating a community for ATLAS students. Students make up the association’s committees, bodies, and executive board. From the Kick-In in their first year to beyond graduation, ATLAS students are involved in organising and enjoying Atlantis activities, providing student input for ATLAS via Atlantis’ Educational Committee, learning about companies we are in contact with via Atlantis’ External Relations Committee, and so much more. The community is very tight-knit and for many students, the association room even serves as a second living room.

    • University College Twente Alumni Association (UCTAA)

      The University College Twente Alumni Association (UCTAA) represents the alumni of UCT. The association was established only recently last year in September! The past year we have spent on establishing the association and organising activities for UCT alumni. We hope that next year a lot more will be possible, for example reunions and competing in the Batavierenrace! Besides organising a set of educational and social events every year, contact channels are created and maintained with the UCT organisation, with current UCT students, and within the group of alumni.

  • Experience [14:00 – 14:50]

    Interactive workshops led by ATLAS teachers and students, demonstrating our cooperative learning approach from multiple perspectives. During the Experience session, you can follow one of the workshops below.

    Time: 14:00 – 14:50

    • What is self-directed learning in ATLAS?

      In this workshop, you will learn about self-directed learning (SDL) in ATLAS. What does it mean when the student is in the lead?

      Class of 2022
    • Creative Photography: Foreground, background and perspective

      In this workshop we will guide you through the creative process of taking an original photographic shot. You’ll need a photo camera (e.g. smart phone) to participate.

      Class of 2021
    • Combining Knowledge and Craft: The Metallurgy of Blacksmithing

      At its core, the task of a blacksmith is to manipulate steel in such a way that it becomes useful to us: As a tool, decoration, or anything else, steel forms a subtle part of our daily life. During this workshop, I invite you to the world of metals, from the perspective of both a blacksmith and an academic. Most importantly, we will discuss how understanding steel can hulp us in creating better tools.

      Class of 2022
    • That's what she said

      “Don’t talk about your period, it’s gross!”
      “Can you please not cry in the cinema?” 
      “But what did you wear?”  

      Our societies are supposed to be free of discrimination on the basis of gender. Still, women should shave their legs, men don’t wear skirts and in a project group/at work you are professional, not vulnerable. Experiencing and provoking sexism is normalised and talking about it witnesses a lack of humour or is overreaction. But, perceptions of masculinity and femininity shape all branches of society, they are relevant to understanding the world we live in. Therefore, we would like to invite people of all genders to unmute themselves on this topic!

      Class of 2020
    • Lasers

      Lasers are used in a lot of modern-day appliances. From the laser show at a concert to the DVD reader and hard drive in your computer, lasers have a lot of applications. In this workshop, you will learn some theory about lasers, including visual materials.

  • Be inspired [15:00 - 16:00]

    An eclectic mix of presentations and performances by ATLAS students, alumni and teachers.  

    Time: 15:00 - 16:00

For more information and updates on the programme, keep checking this event website! 


If you require any further information on the event, please feel free to contact us

We look forward to (virtually) seeing you on the 3rd July 2020!

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