At University College Twente we offer several possibilities to go beyond the walls of the UCT as part of your study programme;


Already experiencing a different culture because you are not from the Netherlands, in your 5th semester you can also choose to stay on campus but outside of ATLAS. Follow another module to see how other programmes within the UT work.  Or even study at another University within the Netherlands.  

Study Abroad

Follow courses at a foreign University where you will get to experience new cultures and new styles of learning.  Done in semester 5 year 3.  Read the story of Nora, who did a 'study abroad while studying abroad', here

An overview of the universities that ATLAS students have visited


You are not just limited to semester 5 for seeing the world around you. Our study associations as well as the faculties offer a variety of different trips each year. Below you can find an impression of our study trips. 

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