University College Twente is distinctive for it's project-based curriculum. These hands-on projects will form the core of your education and are key to the entire learning experience at University College Twente. They offer you a chance to apply in practice the knowledge you gain during the courses.


The main reason we include project work in your Bachelor of Science degree programme is to help you learn more effectively and to develop skills that are essential for your future academic and/or professional career. Part of that beauty of the University College Twente is the range of diversities and the range of interests and ambitions. And from the projects the students learn to work with other students who come from different backgrounds and different interest. 

All projects combine technical and societal aspects - whether you are dealing with future food or energy issues, the effects of social media on security, risks to water security from continuing urbanization or any other topic. We deliberately offer a broad range of so as to represent the full breadth of the Liberal Arts & Sciences education available at University College Twente. These interdisciplinary cover every aspect of the physical dimension (from nano to giga) and the social dimension (from individual to organization, from local community to global society). It means different students get to work on different sets of talents and specialize in different directions when they reach the Master’s phase.

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