Students come to University College Twente from different backgrounds, and with different interests, skills and ambitions. Maintaining and developing this diversity adds a unique dimension to the academic and professional activities of the University College Twente. It is part of our commitment to providing you with a well-rounded academic education as well as meaningful personal development through the curriculum of the Bachelor's programme in Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS). Throughout the entire ATLAS programme you are able to pursue an area of personal interest as an accredited study, supported and guided by a tutor or external expert. We call this opportunity to develop further as an individual Personal Pursuit.


Your Personal Pursuit is worth 10% of the programme’s EC credits in the first two years, and is optional in the third year. Most students use it to explore their personal passion for music, visual arts, sports or an area of science. You can also use the Personal Pursuit to explore an activity such as teaching or public service, or to do an internship. It is an opportunity for you to go above and beyond the standard curriculum. Ultimately, the Personal Pursuit should lead to an observable learning effect that can be valued in the terms of an academic programme. 

Here you see some examples of Personal Pursuits.

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