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Matching at the University of Twente

We at the University of Twente (UT) feel that it is important that you choose a degree programme that suits you, so you have every chance of successfully completing your studies. We therefore organize a range of orientation and matching activities. These are activities that take place before the start of your studies to help you decide on a programme and to help you get thoroughly acquainted with the programme of your choice. In general, our matching activities are required for students coming from secondary schools in the Netherlands. This is, however, not the case at the University College Twente.

Selection at the University College Twente

Because University College Twente offers a selective Honours Bachelor’s programme, there are no additional required matching activities. Unlike other traditional programmes at the University of Twente, ATLAS programme has a comprehensive selection process including an on-campus selection day or Skype interview sessions in the final phase of the selection process. In essence, our selection process is all about finding a match between a candidate and the degree programme. We are looking for candidates with the right motivation, talent and background for ATLAS programme, and we want to be sure that the programme offers our students the right learning style and academic environment. Furthermore, a comprehensive selection process is even more vital in an Honours level programme like ours at the University College Twente.

Having said that, the University College Twente does not require any additional compulsory matching activities nor for local, nor for international students. All candidates who apply for the Bachelor's programme in Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) are following the comprehensive selection procedure instead.

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