Guidelines Curriculum Vitae

A Curriculum Vitae is a summary of, for example,  your personal details, education, skills, interests and work experience. Certain items should always be included. 

P lease make sure that you include at least the first four items listed below (more is never a problem, though).

  1. Personal details Including: First name, last name, date of birth, nationality, email address and phone number
  2. Education Name of the school, country, diploma, (expected) graduation date
  3. Language skills List your language skills with the level of proficiency
  4.  Extracurricular activities ( About 6-7)  
  5. Work experience or volunteer work  (Place, period, what kind of work you did)
  6. Awards/certificates ( About 6-7)  
  7.  Interests ( About 6-7) 

Your Curriculum Vitae should be:

  •  In English
  •  Between one and two pages long
  •  Creative (don't be afraid to stand out!)
  •  Personalized (can be individualized, i.e. a photo of yourself)   
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