You are close to graduating! Half the third year of the Bachelor’s programme Technical Computer Science consists of electives (your minor), and the other half is dedicated to the last step before you can call yourself Bachelor of Science: your graduation assignment! You can fill in the elective space at your own discretion, basing your choice on the future path you wish to take.


Modules 9 & 10: these are your options

  • Take one of the Technical Computer Science elective modules: Smart Spaces (intelligent systems and designing spaces), Cyber-Physical Systems (complex systems that bring together physics and computer science), or Web Science (structure, behaviour and influence of global networks).
  • Broaden your knowledge by taking subjects from other programmes, such as Business Information TechnologyAdvanced Technology, or Applied Mathematics.
  • Spend half a year (two modules, or one semester) studying at another university in the Netherlands or abroad.
  • Sign up with one of our student teams.
  • Do you see yourself going into teaching? Choose the Education minor and get a second degree teaching qualification. This allows you to work as a teacher at secondary school level.

Module 11 & 12: Graduation semester

During your final semester – the second half of your third year – you will participate in two large projects. In Module 11, the Design Project, you and your project team will work on an IT problem. Both the University of Twente and existing IT businesses can provide the assignments. Either way, you will be working on a real-life problem. 

In Module 12, you carry out an individual research project, presenting your findings at the Twente Student Conference on IT.  This conference is similar to a real scientific conference. Some of our students’ research projects presented here are so good that they get published in internationally recognized scientific journals. This makes the conference a highly educational, exciting conclusion to your Bachelor's programme. If you pass this test, the Bachelor of Science degree will be yours. In choosing your graduation project topic, you can bear in mind the Master’s specialization or programme you are aiming for. 

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