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The University of Twente is particularly well known for its high-tech programmes. But did you know that the UT also offers social science programmes, such as psychology? Our psychology programme, like the technical programmes, stands out because of its unique “engineer’s approach”. It teaches you to design concrete solutions for current social problems. The work you do is application-oriented, yet at the same time it will have the required academic depth. Studying in a high-tech environment will give you a clear head start!

Check out these six reasons why you should study Psychology at the University of Twente:

  1. In Twente you follow an applied psychology programme and learn to design solutions for psychological problems
  2. A unique combination of psychology and technology
  3. A lot of freedom of choice in the study programme
  4. Small-scale, project-based education
  5. Good preparation for the labour market
  6. At the University of Twente, you study at a campus university

1. Applying psychological knowledge

The Psychology programme at the University of Twente stands out for its combination of investigating and designing. Unlike many other psychology programmes in the Netherlands, the programme at the University of Twente also focuses on applying that knowledge. So it is a smart choice if you are interested in both the theoretical and practical sides of psychology. ‘Psychological Design’ teaches you to analyse a psychological problem, after which you design an application aimed at influencing human behaviour. For instance, can you use ‘serious gaming’ to help children to learn how to handle diabetes?

2. A unique combination of psychology and technology

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in everyday life. But how can you design technology that suits the skills and values of people? And how can technology give you more insight into the behaviour of people? What role can technology play in influencing behaviour, for instance in healthcare and social work? At the University of Twente, we often use digital media and innovative technological applications for these types of psychological questions. Think, for instance, of smart apps that are used to warn people about dangerous situations.

3. Plenty of freedom of choice

The Bachelor’s programme at the UT offers you plenty of scope for choosing elective subjects. In the second year of our Bachelor’s programme, you can choose between five optional modules. These fit in with the specializations of the Psychology Master’s at the University of Twente:

  • Positive Psychology & Technology (Clinical Psychology)
  • Human Factors & Engineering Psychology 
  • Health Psychology & Technology
  • Conflict, Risk & Safety 
  • Learning Sciences 

On top of this, the third year offers you six months of elective space, in which you can also follow modules from other programmes or study abroad. If you would like to know more, check out the study programme.

4. Small-scale & Project-based

The Psychology programme at the University of Twente is pleasantly small-scale compared to other psychology programmes in the Netherlands. Approximately 300 students start in Twente, as opposed to an average of 500 elsewhere. The atmosphere among students and lecturers is pleasant and informal. Education is set up in small groups. In addition to lectures, you will also study in working groups and practicals for 25 to 30 students. You will work together intensively on current practical psychological problems in project groups of (on average) 5 students. This means that during the programme you will already get familiar with a psychologist’s field of work. And who knows – you may even come up with a solution that will actually be used by a company.

5. Good preparation for the labour market

Studying psychology at a technical university is a good preparation for the future. You will not only have knowledge of psychology, but you will also be skilled in applying it in practice and linking it to smart technological applications. This will distinguish you from other psychology graduates and give you a head start on the labour market. If you would like to know more, check out the possibilities on the job market.

6. Studying at a campus university

The University of Twente is the only real campus university in the Netherlands. On our green campus, everything you need is within walking distance: accommodation, educational facilities, sports facilities and cultural facilities. There is always something going on here and there are lots of student associations that organize activities regularly. To get a taste of it all, take our digital campus tour.

The University of Twente is based in the student city of Enschede. The city’s lively centre is very popular with students: you will always meet someone you know in the many restaurants, cafes or pubs around the Oude Markt. On top of that, it is much easier to find accommodation in Enschede than in many other university towns or cities.

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