Would you like to do something extra in addition to your studies? Or do you need more challenge in your current programme? In that case, the Psychology programme offers different possibilities. We offer UT-wide excellence programmes and a programme-specific excellence programme (STAR programme).

How does the STAR programme work?

The so called STAR programme offers you the possibility of taking on extra challenges during your studies. You complete the same module as other students, but you get a more challenging version of the regular project. The selection process for participants in this programme is based on grades and abilities. With every module in the STAR-programme you can earn a star (the maximum amount of stars you can earn is five). Your stars will be mentioned on your diploma supplement.

Who is the STAR programme for?

The STAR programme is for students who are looking for an extra challenge and who enjoy working with other highly motivated students. The programme has enough places for approximately 10% of the students in each module. During the first module everyone can sign up, but if you don't immediately want to participate in the STAR-programme, then you can also sign-up at a later stage.

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