At the University of Twente we believe it is important that you pick a programme that suits you; we want to make sure you can successfully complete your studies. That is why we offer various study programme selection activities. These are activities that take place before you start studying. The aim is to give you a realistic idea of the programme and to help you find out whether or not it suits you.

Information activities

A great way to get a good impression of the programme is to visit an Open Day and/or take part in our Student for a Day programme. We recommend that you visit an Open Day and/or join our Student for a Day programme before enrolling in the Psychology programme:

Mandatory study check activities  

If you have registered via Studielink for the Bachelor’s programme Psychology, you are required to take part in our study check activities. These among other things include filling in a questionnaire and attending a (trial) study day. If you do not participate in the study check activities, you will NOT be admissible to the programme. The study day – which is one of several study check activities – consists of several presentations, workshops and an assessment, all with the purpose of convincing you and us as in regards to your suitability for the Bachelor’s programme Psychology at the UT and vice versa. The day includes an introduction to the Bachelor’s programme and offers plenty of time for questions and discussions.

Please note that our mandatory study day is offered to gain more insight in our bachelor’s programme and your skills as a Psychology student. Our intention is to better get to know you as a prospective student and to facilitate you in deciding whether our programme is indeed the right choice for you. The (mandatory) study day/check is not a selection instrument: after your participation you will receive a recommendation in regards to your compatibility with our programme.

The trial study day will take place on our university campus. We have scheduled several trial study days for the spring of 2019. You can enroll for one of the three following dates: Monday 11 March 2019 (15.30 – 21.30 hours), Thursday 25 April 2019 (15.30 – 21.30 hours) or Tuesday 7 May 2019 (15.30-21.30 hours). After you have signed up for our programme (using Studielink) and you have received a(n) (conditional) acceptance letter from the Admission Office, you will receive an email how to sign up for one of the dates. In due course you will then receive information and instructions on how to prepare for the study day.


If you are a German student from one of the federal states, or Bundesländern, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Niedersachsen or Bremen, we require you to attend a study day in person. If you are an international student from a not before mentioned state or country,  we still strongly advise you to attend an on-campus study day if this is among your possibilities; alternatively, we can set up an online meeting/test with you.

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