Wherever there are people, psychologists like you can make a contribution. You will be equipped to investigate and analyse behaviour, and to find practical (and sometimes technological) solutions for psychological questions. Would you like to know where our alumni end up? Watch the Liang’s video or read the alumni testimonials.


Below is a description of each specialization detailing the career possibilities and examples of places you could work after your (Master’s) programme.


In the Conflict, Risk and Safety specialization you will learn to develop, implement and evaluate safety interventions. This makes you the perfect candidate for a job as a behavioural scientist with the police, the ministries of Defence or Justice, as a trainer, mediator or safety researcher, or as a safety advisor. Some of our students who have completed this Master’s specialization have found jobs as a behavioural scientist for the police, a coach/trainer at a vocational training centre, a psychologist for the Ministry of Defence, an implementation manager for the Child Care and Protection Board, a TNO researcher and advisor to a safety region.


As a psychologist specialized in mental healthcare, you can apply scientific knowledge to practical behaviour. You will be equipped to treat psychological disorders and to promote positive mental health using practical and/or technological applications. This means you can get a job as an all-round psychologist in the mental healthcare services, at a rehabilitation centre, or as an intervention researcher or designer. With this specialization you will fulfil the requirements for the Basic Psychodiagnostics Registration (Dutch: BAPD) and the Dutch mental healthcare programme.


Specializing in Health Psychology & Technology will equip you to play an initiating and coordinating role in the development, implementation and evaluation of health promotion interventions for the general public, patients or care providers. For instance, you can work as a researcher, policy officer or coordinator of HP interventions at health promotion organizations (such as RIVM, NISB, Soa AIDS Nederland), hospitals or care institutions, municipal health services, companies and research institutions.


As a psychologist specialized in Human Factors & Engineering Psychology, you will be skilled in helping companies and institutions make technological systems simpler and safer. You can also give advice on achieving the desired emotional impact and on the power of expression of new media. You will be able to get a job as a usability expert with a large (international) company, a scientific researcher at a university, or in organizations such as TNO or IfADo. This specialization also fits in well with post-doctoral programmes such as the ‘user-system interaction’ course at the Eindhoven University of Technology.


If you take the specialization in Learning Sciences you will be trained to research learning processes in various contexts and to present instruction solutions, if necessary. With your knowledge of learning you will be able to give advice on improving learning processes and learning results. Your knowledge of instruction methods makes it possible for you to work on learning arrangements with or without IT in both the commercial and non-profit sectors.

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