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Once you have obtained your Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, you will have access to:

  • our one-year Master’s programme in Psychology (direct admission); or
  • our one-year Master’s programme in Educational Science and Technology (admission after achieving 1 or 2 educational science optional modules in year 3).

After you have completed the Master’s programme successfully, you may call yourself a Master of Science (MSc).

More information about the Master’s programmes in Psychology and Educational Science and Technology.


Our Psychology programme will prepare you well for the job market. Wherever there are people, psychologists like you can make a contribution. We recommend that you follow the Master’s programme in Psychology after the Bachelor’s programme. After successfully completing the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, you can find a job as a:

  • Safety adviser – you might work for the police as a behavioural scientist, as a psychologist for the Ministry of Defence, or as an adviser for the government, for instance;
  • Health policy officer – you might find a job as a researcher, policy officer or coordinator for health promotion organizations, hospitals or care institutions;
  • Psychologist in mental healthcare -  as an all-round psychologist, you will treat psychological disorders and promote positive mental health at a hospital or rehabilitation centre. Completing the Master’s programme in Psychology also means that you will meet the requirements for Basic Psychodiagnostics Registration (Dutch: BAPD) and the mental healthcare programme;
  • Human Factors expert – as a human factors expert you can find jobs in large (international) companies as a usability expert, or as a scientific researcher at a university or research institution;
  • Educational consultant – in education, you can develop learning advice in both the commercial and the non-profit sectors, or you can advise people with learning problems;
  • Researcher -  after the Master’s programme in Psychology, you can find a job as a researcher at a research institution or you can apply for a post as a research assistant at a university.

If you are curious to know more about your career prospects after your Psychology study, read about the labour market here.

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