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Why study mechanical engineering at the University of Twente?

Mechanical engineering programme's unique features

The Mechanical Engineering programme at the University of Twente is different from other programmes of its kind. Here are some unique features:

  • Direct application of theory in a project
  • Working in project teams on real-world challenges
  • Small-scaled programme and excellent study guidance, with more personal attention than you would find elsewhere
  • Integration of disciplines: you will discover the connections between different areas of study and acquire numerous skills
  • Social impact: you will learn to apply your knowledge to contemporary challenges

A strong focus on application

Mechanical Engineering at the UT offers a good balance between fundamental theory and its application. This will make you 'future-proof', as it is an approach that employers highly value. As a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Twente, you will have excellent possibilities on the job market.

Project-led education

Our project-led education is internationally recognized. You will learn to directly apply knowledge and skills to solve complex mechanical engineering problems or urgent social issues. During the projects you will also discover which role best suits you, while getting familiar with working in a team as well.

Are you a researcher, a designer or an organizer?

Together with a small team of fellow students you will work on assignments based on real, contemporary challenges. For example, your assignment may be to design an energy-efficient ice-skating rink, or a hydropower plant for home use, making sure your solutions perform optimally both from a technical and an environmental perspective. With your team you will cover every stage, from devising and designing up to − in some cases − building a working prototype. We will be there to challenge you to discover for yourself how everything works and also which role best suits you within the team. During this process your mentors will observe and help you out when needed.

A personal approach means better guidance

Another one of the University of Twente's unique characteristics is our personal approach. We start the first year in Mechanical Engineering with approximately 150 students. You can count on receiving more personal attention and guidance than you would get at most other universities. Also, at the UT you will benefit from an enjoyable and informal atmosphere students and teachers. This allows you to get more out of yourself and out of working and spending time with others.


The biggest difference between our project-led education and high-school education is integration. This means we will expect you to recognize how different study areas are interlinked and to apply that understanding. During the programme in Twente you will also learn how to hold meetings, how to best work together as a team, and how to report and reflect on what you have done.

Interested? Read more about the study programme.

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