Study programme

The Second year of Mechanical Engineering

In the second year you will go deeper into subjects like dynamics, surface technology, building materials, hydrodynamics and systems and control technology. Once again, you will have a combination of theory (lectures and independent study) and practice (projects and workshops).


During the second year's first project you will learn to analyse mechanical systems. Think, for example, of moving structures, such as a crane, an elbow or an electrical toothbrush. The focus is on the structure's movement in one direction. You will have lectures on mathematics, dynamics, system analysis and design principles for mechanical systems.


For Module 6's project you will design a consumer product, working in a team consisting of students from our Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design and Industrial Engineering and Management programmes. Some examples of consumer products are a robot vacuum cleaner, a wine cooler for a café and a coffee machine. The theory for this project will be covered in lectures on subjects such as theory of elasticity, surface technology & materials, and working with plastics and their characteristics.


In the third project of your second year, fluid flow and heat transmission will be the central topics. You will now get stuck into quite complex assignments, such as melting the ice that forms on airplane wings during flight, or designing a heat shield for a spacecraft. The theory for this project will be covered in fluid dynamics and heat transmission lectures.


In module 8 you will go deeper into the theory you were introduced to in module 5. Having looked at a construction that can move in one direction, you will now learn to analyse and (re)design a complex multi-functional system. This could be a fuel pump, a cruise control system or a wind turbine. You will gain the necessary theoretical knowledge in lectures on continuous dynamics, buckling, system and control engineering. Module 8 brings you to the end of your second year. By now you will be familiar with all of the basic disciplines of Mechanical Engineering. You will also be ready for your third and final year, during which you will have more elective space and specialize in one discipline. The third year of the Mechanical Engineering programme is divided into a semester of electives (minor) and a semester centring on your graduation assignment.

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