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During the first year of the Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, you will lay a broad foundation in disciplines such as mathematics & modelling, mechanics & materials, design & manufacturing, and energy & heat transfer. Naturally, topics such as sustainability are also covered. About 50% of your time will be dedicated to hands-on team projects and workshops. After the first year, you will be able to analyse a mechanical engineering system, (re)design it, and explain the choices you made.

  • Year 1Year 1
  • Design & Manufacturing
  • Energy & Materials
  • Energy & Sustainability
  • Design & Mechanics

Module 1: Design and Manufacturing

In the first project you will work together with your team on designing an original, not-yet-existing mechanical tool, for example, a solution for reducing the volume of plastic waste, or a volleyball cannon. You will invent and design the product, manufacture the different components, and then assemble them in our workshop. You will learn everything you need for this in lectures on subjects such as mathematics, statics, manufacturing systems and technical drawing.

Module 2: Energy and Materials

The second project focuses on energy and materials. Together with your project team, you will analyse an existing energy system from material and thermodynamic perspective. This module begins with a strong emphasis on thermodynamics and materials, giving you acquired knowledge you will need to start on your project. On top of that, you will have lectures on mathematics and, just like in the other first-year modules, modelling and programming.

Module 3: Energy and Sustainability

In this module, you will go deeper into the theory you explored during the second module. An added theme is sustainability; during these lectures, you will learn about life-cycle analysis.  In your team project, you will re-design the energy system from Module 2, taking into account technological and environmental aspects. As in the other modules in the first and second year,  we will also work on your overall academic training.

Module 4: Design and Mechanics 

During the fourth module’s project, you will be challenged to design a construction, finding the right balance between geometry, the materials and its strength. Again, throughout this module, the lectures are closely related to the project, so there will be subjects like mathematics, the strength of materials, machine parts, and modelling and programming. By the end of the fourth module, you will have completed your first year.

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