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Master’s programme after the Bachelor's programme Mechanical Engineering

Master's programme Mechanical Engineering

Whether it is large-scale installations or medical precision equipment, mechanical engineers apply high-tech solutions in a human context. In our Master's programme Mechanical Engineering you will be trained to be a professional who understands the entire process, from the first idea to the design and analysis phases. This also includes developing products, processes and systems. The two-year Master's programme Mechanical Engineering offers you the chance to deepen your knowledge of one of the following fields:


This specialization focuses on applying mechanical engineering methods and techniques to solve problems related to the healthcare sector.


This specialization centres on design technology, production/manufacturing or production management and logistics. This track involves knowledge of engineering as well as of business administration.


This specialization is about improving the maintenance of technical systems, which means that you will research design methods, physical failure mechanisms and methods for monitoring a construction’s condition.


This specialization is about creating new and better materials and products to solve modern-day business and social issues. You will also learn to design the equipment necessary for developing these products.


This specialization researches the theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects of granular materials, fluids and gases and their thermal behaviour in various installations and processes.

 You can find more information about the Master's programme on the website of the Master's programme in Mechanical Engineering.


Energy and climate change are hot topics in urgent need of solutions. The earth’s fossil fuel reserves need preserving and greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced. Sustainable energy has a crucial role to play in these efforts, especially as consumers want to maintain their current standard of living. These challenges require fundamental innovations in the worldwide energy landscape. This calls for a new generation of experts who can combine specialized knowledge with broad social awareness – engineers, in other words, who can deliver high-tech solutions with an eye for human needs.

The Master's programme Sustainable Energy Technology is a technical, multidisciplinary programme. The programme taps into current research into the development, optimization and combination of sustainable energy sources and innovative energy technologies. This Master's programme does not offer specializations, but it does have several focal points:

  • Integrating solar energy in products
  • Thermal and chemical conversion processes in biomass
  • Computational fluid dynamics of wind turbines
  • Large-scale hydrogen production

You can find more information about the Master's programme, on the website of the Master's programme in Sustainable Energy Technology.

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