Mechanical engineers are in high demand

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Twente you will find the world at your feet. The chances of getting a well-paid job are excellent , as highly educated engineers with insight into social issues will always be in high demand on the job market. You will be able to find many different positions in a wide range of sectors, such as machine and apparatus construction, the automobile and aircraft industry, the chemical or electro technical industry. Even areas like the healthcare sector see opportunities for innovation by taking on engineers. You will be equipped to work wherever high-tech solutions based on a keen understanding of human and social needs are required.

Many Master's graduates quickly find jobs in leadership positions, for example at the production or development departments of large companies. In project teams, it is often the mechanical engineers who take on the role of technical specialist and team leader. You might also work at a research institute, such as TNO, NLR or MARIN, or at an engineering company. There you might engage in activities like designing and developing equipment, machines, advanced constructions, production systems and processes that will make a difference in the real world.

Where do graduates work?

After your graduation, you might start working as a designer, of course, but you could also start out as an entrepreneur or consultant. Many mechanical engineers end up at big companies like ASML, Unilever, Shell, AKZO NOBEL, Heerema, Allseas; others opt for smaller engineering companies.

Experiences of mechanical engineering graduates

Do you want to know more about the experiences of our Mechanical Engineering graduates and the sort of careers they have entered?  Read the story of combustion engineer Thijs Bouten.

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