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MathematicsSummer School in July

If you have signed up via Studielink for a Bachelor's programme like Civil Engineering, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, then we are pleased to inform you about the summer course on mathematics that might be relevant for you. You can take part at the UT before you start your studies. 

Brush up yours maths!

In previous years we noticed that the transition from high school to university is not always easy for students. For the science programmes it seems that students with grades higher than a 7 in mathematics at the Dutch ‘vwo’ level are more likely to succeed, on average, than those with lower grades. 

Of course, your success will ultimately not depend so much on your mathematics grades, but more on whether you have a predisposition for science subjects. In order to answer that question, we offer you a mathematics summer course. The summer course is aimed at students that score lower than a 7 in their final school exams for the subject Wiskunde B (Advanced Mathematics).

Strengthening the foundations

During the summer course you work on your mathematics skills and you learn to really understand various mathematical topics. Not only will this be useful for the rest of your life, but it is also always good to strengthen the basics, especially for a technical programme.  

You can pick up a lot during a week long course. Based on your performance during the course, we can reasonably estimate your chances of study success. We will discuss this with you at the end of the week. 

Taking part in the course

The course takes place from Monday July 17th to Friday July 21st 2017 on the university's campus and is organised together with Pre-University. The fee covers all meals, an evening programme and lodging. During the day you will be busy studying and in the evenings you can take part in activities (such as bowling, movie night or a sports/culture workshop). 

You can sign up for the course on the Pre-University website. The total cost of the course is € 375. You can also take part in the course without the evening programme or overnight stays, but with lunch included. This option costs € 125. Important: we have room for 50 people, so don't wait too long to sign up!

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