Third year Management, Society & Technology

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In your final year, you will again have the freedom to select modules that reflect your own interests. For instance, in the first semester you can acquire 30 credits for:

You will round off your Bachelor’s studies in the second half of your third year by writing your BSc thesis.

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Module 9 + 10: elective modules

In the first half of your third year, you will take 30 credits’ worth of electives. You can do so by taking modules at the University of Twente or at another university, or by studying abroad.

Additional modules
You will have the chance to take additional modules at the University of Twente or another university. These could be modules from our European Public Administration programme or from a completely different academic discipline. Our aim is to encourage you to further develop your academic skills and learn to think ‘out of the box’. It will also give you the chance to communicate with professionals from different backgrounds, obtaining a broader view on the full range of academic endeavour by exploring a completely new field of specialisation.

Are you eager to connect politics and technology? If you are, the High Tech Human Touch modules offered at the UT may be just up your street! Some examples: From Prototype to Society, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity, Governance of Innovation and Socio-Technical Change. Read more about the HTHT modules.

Study abroad or internship
You can also devote the first half of your final year to studying abroad or to an internship in the Netherlands or another country. Read some study abroad experiences of our students. 

Module 11 + 12: Bachelor’s Thesis

The thesis semester consists of three parts. First of all, you will receive additional training in research methods/academic skills. Secondly, you will prepare for the job market by learning how to write a proper CV and prepare for a job interview. The third part of this semester consists of writing your actual thesis and carrying out the research on which it is based.

You will work individually on your Bachelor’s thesis but with the benefit of expert supervision. The topic of your thesis will be linked to ongoing faculty research, with a wide range of subjects to choose from. After successfully completing your Bachelor’s thesis, you will be awarded your degree and the title Bachelor of Science. You can then choose to enter the job market or pursue your studies at the next level by taking a Master’s programme.

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