Broad interest in law, economics, political science and sociology

My decision to study European Public Administration was determined by many factors. I went to an international high school, which is why I wanted to continue to study in English. I've been working as a journalist for a while now and want to make it my profession. EPA provides a broad understanding of many different areas, including law, economics, political science and sociology, which I think is very important for the area I want to go into. EPA is also a good choice if you are not sure what kind of career you want to pursue, as it gives you the option to specialize later on. I've always been interested in politics, especially government simulations, and I’ve always been keen on sociology too. But I also enjoy the law and economics courses a lot, since they give me an understanding of fields I probably wouldn't have studied otherwise. They have turned out to be very interesting!


German universities only offer programmes in German, so I started looking for universities abroad. I had actually decided to go to a Danish university, but when I visited the Open Day at the University of Twente, it made quite an impression on me. A beautiful campus, very modern buildings and the teaching staff seemed to be very nice and competent. I like the international atmosphere and the many options the university has to offer, including sports and plenty of opportunities to relax.


I've only been in studying here for two months, but I'm already convinced that it’s the right choice. It’s a small-scale programme and that’s something I enjoy. The lecturers know us by name and we all know each other, which creates a great atmosphere! It also provides a very good setting to study and learn, since discussions during the lectures are very common. The programme strikes me as well structured and all the different aspects come together in the group project, so we can apply what we learn immediately. It’s a new programme, so of course there’s room for improvement, but I am very happy that the staff take our criticisms seriously and are willing to make changes where necessary. The first module was hard work and it was a busy time with many ups and downs, but still I enjoyed it a lot and am looking forward to the next module. I'm convinced that in the hard work will pay off in due course.


I am usually at the university every day, though I do most of the actual work at home. I have about five lectures a week and two additional seminars, where we can ask questions and go over some of the more difficult parts of the courses. We also have a big group project in every module which lasts the entire 10 weeks. During the first module we met about once a week to discuss our tasks and work on group assignments.

I spend most of my time working on individual assignments and reading. This can be done either at home or at the library, which is a nice place to study. We have a lot of deadlines, so there often isn't time to do anything other than university stuff. Though at weekends I still have time to continue my part time job as a journalist. Combining work and study can be stressful, but it's still manageable.


In the evenings I like to meet up with friends. We have dinner or go out for cocktails. And rest assured all you Germans out there,  there is an “Extrablatt” in Enschede!

The student life in Enschede is just how I expected it to be. It’s a rather small city but I kind of like that. It’s fun to bump into people I know when I go out. And since Enschede is a typical student city, it's very cheap as well.

Besides going out, there are plenty of sporting opportunities on offer. Right at the campus or over at Saxion in the city centre. You can join a choir, play an instrument or do just about anything you fancy.

Another thing I really like about Enschede is the big market, which is held twice a week. Food can be fairly pricey in the shops, but it's really cheap at the market and there’s a whole range of things to buy. The atmosphere is great. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it!

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