I was determined to choose the right programme for me. I took a long hard look at my interests and then tried to get an overview of different degree programmes on offer. I went to university Open Days and signed up for a couple of ‘student for a day’ programmes, where you get a taste of student life by tagging along with a current student for a day of classes.


Based on this I opted for European Public Administration at the University of Twente. The programme is 100% English-taught and it offers an international experience, a broad range of subjects and very interesting projects. Twente is the only university that teaches a programme in European Public Administration. It was the only English-taught programme I found that emphasizes the four core disciplines of political science, economics, law and sociology.


So far, I’m really enjoying my studies and I’m glad to be living the independent student life in Enschede. EPA has lived up to my expectations. It’s challenging and interesting. We discuss current topics which makes everything far more useful and practical than anything I learned at high school. The programme is project-based and I see that as a great advantage. You get to put your newfound knowledge into practice immediately by working together with other students.


Since the start of the academic year I’ve been sharing a house close to the city centre with seven other students. We all have our own activities, day and night, but we usually manage to have dinner together. I usually do the cooking once a week.


My average week looks something like this. From Monday to Friday, I attend lectures or group meetings at the university. Times vary: sometimes I have to be there at 8.45 but sometimes I don’t have to turn up until 15.45. On Wednesday evening I play hockey at the local student hockey club, and you can always have a drink there afterwards. But I’m about to join a sorority and assuming I get in I’ll have a sorority evening every other Wednesday after hockey practice. I’m also a member of the Freshman Commission of my student association (Sirius) and that involves a weekly meeting and a drinks evening once a month. I usually go home to see my family at the weekend.


There are plenty of student associations, sports clubs and cultural clubs especially for students. Enschede hosts over 50 events each year, including the famous Batavieren Race. It’s a great town for students; there are lots of bars and cafés where you can hang out, especially on weeknights. The atmosphere is always good!

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