The University of Twente believes it is important that you choose a programme that suits you, to maximize your chances of successfully completing your studies. We therefore organize orientation and matching activities ahead of your studies, so that you can find out about the programme of your choice in detail and make sure that it’s right for you. The matching programme is intended for all students who are interested in taking our Bachelor’s programme.

orientation ACTIVITIEs

If you are thinking about enrolling, please make sure you participate in our orientation activities (an exception may be made for international students, who might be unable to visit the campus), such as:

Being a student for a day is a great way to find out what Management, Society & Technology is all about. You'll take a personalized tour of the campus, sit in on lectures and have lunch with current students. Sign up early for the student-for-a-day programme, in any case before 1 May.

The process

To be sure that this programme is the right programme for you, we strongly advise you to have an interview with our study advisor or programme director to discuss your plans and the nature of the programme. After this meeting you will know more about the study programme and have a better idea of what to expect.

Are you interested in having an interview with us? Please send an email to Martin de Nobel at m.j.denobel@utwente.nl.

Please note that if you are planning to participate in the student-for-a day programme, it is possible to arrange an interview on the same day. For more information, send an email to m.j.denobel@utwente.nl

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