International Business Administration

Why International Business administration at the University of Twente?

The University of Twente is known for its high-tech programmes. But did you know that since our founding we have offered social science programmes, too, such as International Business Administration? In our view, the combination makes perfect sense and has many benefits. It does not matter whether you are a mathematics and science whizz, you get a head start from studying in a high tech environment. Technology plays a huge role in our daily lives today, which means it also automatically affects business administration.

Like our technical programmes, the International Business Administration Bachelor’s at the University of Twente stands out from other programmes because of our approach to systematically design solutions. This approach means you will learn to design real solutions for real societal issues. You will focus on practical application, while also gaining the necessary academic depth. 

Check out these 6 reasons for choosing to study International Business Administration at the University of Twente:

  1. Learn to design smart, innovative solutions
  2. Be surrounded by new technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship
  3. Take advantage of our international setting
  4. Benefit from our small scale
  5. Get equipped for an international career
  6. The University of Twente environment
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Benefits of International Business administration at the University of Twente


    At the University of Twente, we believe it makes perfect sense for a business manager to think like an engineer. It means you can systematically analyze problems and design practical solutions – say, for problems companies face on entering the international market. With your knowledge of business administration, you can play a vital role in international strategy. Are you attracted to both the practical side and the theoretical side of business administration? If you are, this programme is a great choice.


    Technological developments have a huge impact on business administration. For instance, think of the role played by social media in acquiring new employees, or of the impact of technology on business processes. Will robots have taken over our jobs 20 years from now? Which technological innovations will change our lives for ever? At the University of Twente, you will learn how to use digital media and new technologies to unravel business problems and to improve business performance. You will be able to assess the impact of new technologies and you will know how to successfully market high-tech innovations. Are you keen on innovation, comfortable with people who work with technology and entrepreneurial? Then this programme will definitely appeal to you!


    Technological developments and an international setting are interconnected. The Internet has unleashed a 24-hour economy and made it easier for businesses to operate on a global scale.  This is why in our International Business Administration programme at the University of Twente we spend a lot of time on international topics and  business cases. You will work in project groups with students from all over the world, similar to the teams you will work with in the business world. In the third year you will also have the opportunity to spend a semester studying abroad, enhancing your professional and personal development by immersing yourself in a different cultural and academic environment. No matter where you end up in the business world, you will always be dealing with English-speaking colleagues, suppliers or customers and fluency in English will be an obvious asset. That’s why our IBA programme at the University of Twente is entirely English-taught. This will certainly give you a head start on graduates who have taken a non-English programme.


    Compared to other Business Administration programmes in the Netherlands, the course at the University of Twente is pleasantly small in scale. Rather than the average 500 first-year students, we start out with about 200. The atmosphere among students and staff members is informal and easy-going. The education is centred on projects. You will spend a lot of time working in small groups of about eight students on topical problems faced by (international) organizations. And who knows, you and your project team may even come up with a solution that will actually be put to use by a company.


    Your engineering approach and international focus will give you a definite head start on the job market. You will know how technologies can be applied in businesses and at university you will have already encountered the latest technologies first-hand.

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Entrepreneurial university

The University of Twente is an entrepreneurial university. In fact, in 2013 it was proclaimed to be the most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands. UT is truly a place where talented and ambitious students can even start their own business while still studying.

Yonas Negash is one of these students. He launched his own business while studying at the University of Twente. Read more about his story as a young entrepreneur.

A great green campus

The wonderful, green campus of the University of Twente, the only true campus university in the Netherlands, has everything you need within walking distance: housing, lecture halls, labs, sports and cultural facilities. Many student associations offer plenty of activities. Interested in getting to know the campus? Take our digital campus tour or watch the Campus video:

Living in Enschede

The University of Twente is located in the beautiful city of Enschede, in the east of the Netherlands. The lively city centre is highly popular among students: you will always meet some friends in one of the many restaurants, cafés or pubs around Market Square. Finding affordable housing is much easier in Enschede than in other university cities.

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