daan wijdeveld, netherlands

Hey there! I’m Daan Wijdeveld, first year International Business student at the University of Twente. I’ve just completed my first semester, and can honestly say it’s been a pretty awesome ride so far. I’ll give you a brief overview of what it’s been like for me, and especially go into some detail about the second module, Business Operations Management.

What did you do in the second module BOM?

Business Operations Management emphasizes the operations part of a business. It covers things such as how to purchase goods in an effective way, how to minimize time you spend on creating a valuable product for your customer and lets you, for example, experience what it’s like to run an actual company by playing a virtual simulation of a manufacturing company together with your fellow students.

What did you like most about BOM?

I enjoy doing projects a lot and see it as a fun way of applying the knowledge I gained so far. For the second module, we had to run a virtual company. The goal was to make the company profitable again. It’s quite a complicated process. As an example, some of the things we did was making contracts with our suppliers, managing our workforce, and investing in machines. At the end of each week, the online simulator would make calculations based on our actions. This way we could see if our company was yet making a profit, or that we had to come up with a different strategy to become profitable again. By following lectures and studying for the exams, we gained the knowledge we needed to make the right decisions in the simulator.

What did you find most challenging about BOM and what did you learn?

In BOM you’ll be following five courses which really require you to plan your time efficiently. This can be quite a challenge, but the fun part of it is that you’re study really becomes something of your own. This likely relates to the whole study program, and not just particularly to the second module, but the essence is that there’s lot of time available for other fun activities if you become better at planning your time. This is really something I’ve learned during BOM. This way studying became much more than just reading books and doing exams.

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