Jana Rickert


I was one of the students who was late signing in for the International Business Administration (IBA) programme at the University of Twente, because I didn’t know anything about it before. Luckily a third-year IBA student did his internship in my hometown and happened to know a friend of mine. We met and he told me about this great campus university which is unique in the Netherlands. His enthusiastic story, his explanations about the programme and the fact that he was doing an IBA internship and was about to spend a semester abroad in Budapest afterwards, caught my interest. This was exactly what I was looking for.

The Open Day I visited, was a great experience. The weather was beautiful and the campus was at its brightest. I was impressed by the amount of sports facilities, the modern buildings, systems and architecture of the whole campus, the overall wealth of nature, and the kindness and openness of the people I met. Even my grandma, who came with me, said if she had been young again she would have studied here too. The description of the study programme also seemed to meet my expectations, so I signed up soon after!

So far, my experience of studying at the University of Twente has been very positive. IBA is a very good and interesting programme and offers project-based working, which is very close to real-life practice.

The university has also great study areas and rooms for groups or just for one person, to make sure everyone has a quiet place to study.

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