Written by: Hazar Turkmen

After all the excitement about my Erasmus exchange programme in Sweden, I found myself in a little town called Växjö where I had to spend the next 5 months of my life. This small town brought me great memories, not particularly the city but the international students and the campus life are the biggest contributors that made this experience unforgettable and fantastic. The diversity of students is really high. I have met people from almost 20 different countries! Most of them are also part of the Erasmus exchange program, just like me, meaning that the majority of these students have common interest in making friends, exploring the environment, making parties and participating in many activities. Shortly put,  there is no single day where you have nothing to do.

If you come to Sweden, don’t hesitate in bringing a little extra cash, because you practically have to pay for everything, even as a student. In order to party and participate in activities you have to become member of all kinds of different student organizations, which will not be for free! The general price level of the country is also much higher than in the Netherlands. Housing companies in Sweden offer terrible terms, exploiting their position on the market because there is a high demand for housing and little supply.

Apart from some difficulties that I encountered, I still enjoyed my time in Sweden. I have visited 4 different countries (Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia) and their capital cities. I did a road trip with friends across Sweden to Stockholm. I participated in a trip to Lapland, above the arctic circle, and I have seen the Northern Lights, Reindeers, the ‘real’ Santa Claus and much more interesting things!

I was present on a cruise(party) ship with 2500 International students and I have witnessed the most crazy stuff.

Sweden did offer me a very International experience, thanks to the great mobility between the Nordic countries. Of course this experience wouldn’t have been so great without all the wonderful people that I have met during my stay in Växjö. I hope to see them again sometime in the near future, somewhere in the world.

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