Study abroad experience at the BINUS in Jakarta, Indonesia

Written by: Annique de Greef

Jakarta is a very busy city with traffic 24 hours a day! It is very different from the Netherlands and as well as from the other Asian cities I have seen during my travels before I came here. The street food is delicious for dinner, though I cannot get used to rice for breakfast.

There is an enormous gap between the upper-income and lower-income people. On the one hand you see villa's, but in the same street are as well little 'houses' of wood and corrugated irons. Besides, the people here just don't care for the environment, every moment you see people throwing their trash on the streets and in the rivers.

In general the people are very friendly and helpful, though their English is not really good (except for at the university). Moreover, they are often really interested in me and I am often asked if they could take a picture with me ('the white girl with blond hair').

The courses I follow at the university are interesting with much project work, though so far the level I think is a bit easier than at the UT. However, the exams have of course yet to come.

In the weekends I sometimes make trips to other places in Indonesia. For example next weekend I will climb the Rinjani mountain on Lombok! Even though it is about 30 degrees here, I bought gloves and ear warmers for this trip as it is quite cold on the way to the summit.”

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