Second year of industrial Engineering Management

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During the second year, you will delve deeper into various subjects, such as finances or process improvement, while also working a lot on interdisciplinary projects. 

  • Year 2EC

Module 5: Finance for engineers

In module 5 you will learn all about financial flows in companies, how to calculate cost price and how to manage risks. How do you compose an annual report? How much investment is needed for a new production technique, and how long is the payback period? Can you release extra money by issuing shares? In this module, you will be taking these kinds of questions into consideration. You’ll also delve into the issue of option pricing.

Module 6: Consumer products

This is the first module that centres more on products than on processes. You will learn all about (mass) product design, production techniques, and marketing. In this module, we collaborate with production companies. For your project, you will form a multidisciplinary team with students of Industrial Design Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Together you will design and manufacture a new product. You will conduct market research, make prototypes, set up the required business processes, select the right production techniques, and present your product.

Module 7: From product design to online business

In module 7 you will explore what is involved in starting up a company that sells products online. You will once again apply the knowledge you’ve acquired in a multidisciplinary team with Business & IT students. Together you will design your own product and set up an online company to sell it. 

Module 8: Modelling and optimising processes

This module has a very mathematical and practical character. Together with students from the Applied Mathematics and Civil Engineering programmes, you will learn how to improve processes that are difficult to predict due to uncertain factors, by modelling and performing computer simulations. In the project, you will work on a case in the healthcare sector. 

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