First year of industrial Engineering Management

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During the first year you will lay a strong foundation in business administration with the help of mathematical models and analysis tools.

  • Year 1EC

Module 1: Intro to industrial engineering & management 

In the first module, you will familiarise yourself with the field of IEM by doing a team project. Our first-year students from the Business & IT programme will join you for this module.

Module 2: Operations management

In the second module, you will learn how to organise business processes efficiently. In the team project, you will work for Diversey, a specialist in professional hygiene and cleaning solutions. You might, for example, design a new production line, or work on improving stock height and warehouse layout.

Module 3: Business intelligence & IT

During this module you will learn how to extract and analyse information from the IT systems of companies or organisations, together with our Business & IT students. What data, information, and knowledge are needed for a business process? What hardware, software, networks, functions, and databases do you need for good business management? In this module you will create an interface yourself for making your company results visible at a glance.

Module 4: Supply chain management

In module 4 you will learn how companies organise supply chains and how you can tackle problems in these chains. For your team project you will use serious gaming to set up a distribution network yourself. This will include things like calculating where and how much stock should be stored and how best to transport your products.

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