After the bachelor's programme

The job market for IEM graduates

Industrial Engineering and Management graduates from the University of Twente are unique in their ability to link technological solutions to the needs and interests of society: High Tech, Human Touch. The business world is waiting for such professionals. Many students have a job lined up before they graduate, others within a few months after that.


There are many possible roles. Does a job as production manager at Unilever sound good to you? Or do you see yourself working as a financial analyst at Philips? Perhaps you would rather work as a logistics account manager at Coca-Cola, or a master planner at Friesland Campina? If you are interested in healthcare, then you might be suitable for the role of operational supervisor in a hospital. These are only a few examples of the positions you can fill as an IEM graduate. 


The field of work open to IEM professionals is difficult to describe in one sentence, as there are opportunities in almost every sector. To give you an idea of some of the possibilities, we share the experiences of some of our alumni.

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