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The career prospects of industrial design

Wanted: expert industrial designers with a broad outlook

Research has shown that there is a lot of demand for industrial designers who can design intelligent products, with an eye for the overall design process. This central, coordinating role is getting more and more important. Technological developments are taking place extremely rapidly, while the commercial lifespans of products are getting shorter and shorter. Demand for engineers who are able to look beyond the boundaries of their own specialist field is therefore going to keep increasing strongly over the next few years.

The Industrial Design programme at the University of Twente prepares you for this. After you have completed this course, you will be ready to start a career as an entrepreneurial designer. You will be a professional who – literally and figuratively – can design the future. You will be familiar with all aspects of the product development process. You will be able to anticipate the future and to look beyond professional boundaries.


An entrepreneurial designer or creative engineer can start working in a wide range of sectors. Examples:

  • for a manufacturer of consumer products
  • in the capital goods industry
  • for a design agency
  • for a consulting firm
  • for governmental or semi-public organizations
  • as a freelancer


The job functions you can tackle are also varied:

  • product designer or product developer
  • technical designer
  • consultant
  • project manager
  • process controller
  • researcher

Do you want to be an industrial designer with a role in design, organization or research?

Our Bachelor’s programme in Industrial Design at the University of Twente has been developed to help you discover whether your key strength lies primarily in designing, organizing or researching product solutions.


Designing is about the actual application of scientific knowledge to develop a new solution systematically for a particular problem, for example a new or better type of material, a design, a product or a production method.


Organizing is mainly about bringing knowledge and experts from various scientific areas together. In this capacity, you contribute to new solutions in complex social or industrial environments because of your broad knowledge and your pivotal role.


In research the main focus is on knowledge and the development of knowledge. As a research specialist, you test existing knowledge and build upon it. You work systematically to make new discoveries that are important to society or the industry.

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