Admission and enrolment

Summer School in July

Starting Industrial Design in September 2016? Then we would like to inform you about our Brush up your Maths! Summer Course as part of the CuriousU festival which you can follow before you start your study at the UT.

Brush up your Maths! 

Mathematics is a very important tool for science based engineering, so it is essential to understand basic mathematics. This course will help you achieve exactly that goal!

Our course will enable you to become a more accurate user of mathematics. You will develop or improve your mathematical skills needed to study in an engineering context. Our course is a perfect preparation for our own math and engineering lectures offered in your engineering programme.

Strengthen the base of Mathematics

During the summer school you’ll practice your mathematic skills which will be useful  for the rest of your life. Especially for a technical education it’s very important to strengthen the base of mathematics. Besides that there will be fun as well: the math course is divided in an educational part and a math recreation part. The educational part covers the basics of math. The recreation part consist of workshops w focusing on e.g. “the history of maths”, “the role of zero” or “math quizzes” etc.

Besides the math courses there will be other activities as part of the CuriousU festival like: academic courses, music, sports, theatre, inspirational speakers. Check for more information.

Participation in the course

The course will take place from 14 - 23 August, 2016
You can register for the course through the website

The costs are € 800


We offer one free ticket for this summer school experience. If you are interested you can send a motivation letter to before July 15 2016.

In this letter you should let us know (max. 100 words) why the course “Mathematics for Engineering” is important for you and why you should be the one to get the free ticket. The best motivation will win the free ticket!

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