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Why Study Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente?

What distinguishes this programme from courses elsewhere, above all, is how future-oriented it is. You will get a firm grip on the entire design process, from developing ideas to market introduction. You will gain fundamental knowledge at a scientific level, learning to navigate accurately between technical possibilities and market movements. You will become an entrepreneurial designer.

This programme is also typified by its design-oriented, project-based content. You will work on real assignments from the market, for instance. Together with your team, you will develop a prototype that you present to your client. A lot of products made by students have actually ended up in shops this way.

Who does this programme attract?

The Industrial Design Engineering programme is a highly appropriate one if you are not only interested in technology, but also have a creative streak. Many industrial designers have strong opinions about how things could be done better, and they like creating something that people can really use in their environment. A lot of students who choose our Bachelor’s in Industrial Design Engineering are interested in design and marketing, but want to improve their future prospects on the labour market by taking a technical course. Because of the variety of subjects it covers (including mathematics, graphic design, ergonomics and marketing), Industrial Design Engineering is the right choice for people who want to combine technology and design.

More information about Industrial Design Engineering

The study programme of the Industrial Design Engineering Bachelor’s is highly project-oriented. That way, your learning experience will be as close to reality as possible. After your studies you can start working in a wide range of sectors. If you have any questions regarding this Bachelor’s, please contact the study information centre or do a Student-for-a-Day programme with an Industrial Design Engineering student.

Experience Twente

The best way to find out whether Industrial Design Engineering is the course for you is to experience it first-hand. And the best way to do that is to join us for a day. Sign up now for our Student for a Day programme. Join one of our students and get a taste of what the life of an Industrial Design Engineering student is like.

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