During the second year of Industrial Design Engineering, you continue to build on the basis you laid in the first year. You dig deeper into subjects like Human-Product Relationships, Ergonomics, Technical Product Modelling, Mathematics and Design. You will also be introduced to some new subjects: Materials, Philosophy and Dynamics. As in the first year, what you learn is a combination of theory (lectures and independent study) and practice (projects and workshops).

Module 5: Human-Product Relations

In this module, you will investigate all aspects of the relationship between people and product, such as use, behaviour and styling. This module also deals with the various levels at which these relationships are created: the individual level, the social level (in contact with others), and the societal levels (culture, environment and so on). In preparation for Module 6, you will also expand your technical knowledge with subjects such as Production 3, Energy & Heat Transfer and Physical Ergonomics.

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Module 6: Consumer Products

In Module 6’s multidisciplinary project, you team up with students from our Bachelor’s programmes Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management to design a consumer product. This can be anything from a coffee machine to a shaver, and from a beer tap to a multifunctional conference table. An external company will give you your assignment, while also sharing specific information about the project topic in guest lectures. You will cover the corresponding theory in lectures such as Graphic Design, Technical Product Modelling 2 and Product Market Relations.

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Module 7: Designing for specific users

The project central to this module is all about designing a product for a specific target group. Think, for example, of people with physically strenuous jobs (bricklayers, firemen, or police officers), children, the elderly, or people with a disability. To come up with a good design, you must be able to put yourself in the shoes of the people in your target group. You attend lectures on subjects such as Cognitive Ergonomics, Design Sketching 3 and Linear Algebra.

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Module 8: Virtual Product Development

In the final module of the second year, you will learn to deal with the large variety of tools available for designers. The focus is on product design, making a well-founded scientific choice, and integrating (virtual) tools in the project, such as a product-service combination in a public environment. Concrete examples include: a bracelet-based tracking system that allows parents to keep tabs on their kids, or friends to find each other at a festival; a payment system for events; or movable shipping containers fitted with sleeping places for festivals. In this module, the main subjects are Dynamics and Introduction Finite Element Method.

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